Gourmet dips made for every occasion 

anytime of the year!


No Preservatives     No MSG     No Fat

Gluten-free Product                  We use Sea Salts.

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Pictured Above: Left to Right, Dill & Lemon; Crab Dip and Curry-Riffic. 

Order 6 Dips and get the 7th free!! 

Just write in the comments box what free dip you would like and we will include it in your order!

Cheese & Bacon

Description: Everything is better with Bacon.   Try our wonderful blend of two delicious flavors.  We have used 100% aged Parmesan Cheese and smoked soy beans for a combination that the whole family will enjoy.
Dried Onions, Smoked soy bean, Parmesan cheese and Spices. $4.00

Dill & Lemon

Description: A little hint of lemon adds just the perfect amount of zing and adds a unique flavor to your vegetable tray.  Try giving your chicken or fish a kick with our perfect blend of Dill & Lemon.
Minced onions, Dill weed, Spices, Lemon powder, Salt. $4.00

Garlicky Garlic


Description: If you like garlic, you will love this dip.  You cannot go wrong with this traditional favorite!!!
Dried Onions, Garlic, Salt, and Naturals Spices. $4.00

Classic Onion Dip

Description: You have had other onion dip, now taste onion dip the way it was men to be.  We added parmesan cheese to give it an added surprise that cannot be beat.
Dehydrated Onion, Cheese, Chives & Parsley. $4.00

Spinach Original 


Description: This spinach dip tastes so fresh you will think it is right from the garden.  Fill a hallowed bread bowl with the dip and use the pieces for dipping.
Dried Onions, Spinach, Salt & Spices $4.00

Tomato Horseradish


Description:  We dared to pair two unlikely flavors creating a tasty combination that your guest will love.  Try using as a sandwich spread on a turkey or roast beef sandwich.
Dried Onions, Tomato Powder, Horseradish, Spices, Salt, Vinegar Powder. $4.00 

Veggie Patch


Description: A wonderful blend of vegetables and seasonings that is a truly a crowd pleaser.
Dried Onions, Onion powder, Spices, Salt & Dried Vegetables. $4.00



Description: If you like curry, then you will love our curry dip.  It is a mild yellow curry that has a wonderful flavor. 
Spices, Onion, Garlic, Sea Salt, Turmeric, Parsley, Paprika, & Chili Pepper. $4.00 

Louisiana Cajun Dip


Description: This dip has the taste of Cajun without the heat.  It is a very mild dip that is wonderful with carrots or to use as a rub.
Dried Onions, Cajun Spices & Salt. $4.00

Wasabi - Japanese Horseradish Dip  


Description: Our wasabi dip has the flavor but only a little zing of heat.  If you like wasabi, you will love our wasabi dip to serve with vegetables.  Try adding to mashed potatoes or on your grilled tuna.
Wasabi, Garlic, Onion, Spices, Cayenne Pepper, Jalapeno & Salt. $4.00

Cheesy Chipotle

Description: This is a party favorite with our blend of parmesan cheese and chipotles for a southwest flavor.  It has a medium heat that will heat up the party.
Onion, Chipotle Powder, Chili Powder, Parmesan Cheese, Sea Salt, Garlic & Spices. $4.00

Salsa Excitement Dip


Description: Our salsa dip has mountains of flavor and the heat to truly add some excitement to any gathering!!!
Dried Onion, Chili Pepper, Chilies, Jalapeno Powder, Dried Cilantro & Spices. $4.00

Jalapeno Veracruz "Hot"


Description: This dip has heat that just keeps getting hotter, so if you love a burst of flavor followed by spicy heat this is the dip for you.
Dried Onions, Chili Peppers, Jalapeno, Spices, Salt, Garlic, Bell Pepper. $4.00

Habanero "Hot" Dip


Description: "We have blended the hottest Habanero peppers with garlic and other spices to heat up our hottest dip.
Dried Onions, Habaneri Powder, Paprika, Salt, Garlic, Citric Acid, Spices & Herbs. $4.00

Excellent Crab Dip  


Description: The name says it all…  We have used real crab to make this dip and have added a little cayenne pepper to give it a little zing that brings out the flavor of the crab. 
 Powdered Crab, Salt, Natural Spices, Cayenne Pepper and Bell Peppers $4.00

Lobster Supreme


Description: Made from the freshest and most succulent Lobster available, this dip is perfect when you want something just a little extra special.
Dried Onions, Cooked Lobster, Spices, Dextrin, Red Bell Peppers, Salt. $4.00

Shrimp Dip

Description: There is nothing fishy here; we used all real shrimp to make this dip. Simply the best shrimp dip around. 
Dehydrated Onion, Shrimp Powder, Spices, Citric Acid, Cayenne Pepper, & Bell Pepper. $4.00

Chipotle Jalapeno

Description: The flavor of jalapenos with the smokiness of chipotles.  This delicious dip is sure to spice things up a bit at your next party. As usual, this dip is all natural and gluten free.

Ingredients: Onion Chipotle powder, sea salt, jalapeno powder, chili pepper, spices, bleu cheese powder, parsley, garlic, sugar, citric acid, bell pepper, maltodextrin $4.00

Chipotle Bleu Cheese

Description: A subtle hint of bleu cheese is the perfect pairing with chipotle.  This dip has a kick but lets the flavor come through.  Made with all natural ingredients, no MSG and gluten-free.

Ingredients: Onion, Chipotle powder, chili pepper, sea salt, bleu cheese powder, sugar, spices, garlic, citric acid, maltodextrin $4.00

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