Gourmet dips made for every occasion 

anytime of the year!


No Preservatives     No MSG     No Fat

Gluten-free Product                  We use Sea Salts.

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Pictured Above: Left to Right, Chocolate Sweet Treat,  Pina Colada Sweet Treat and Blueberry Sweet Treat. 

Order 6 Dips and get the 7th free!! 

Just write in the comments box what free dip you would like and we will include it in your order!

Banana Sweet Treat

Description: A sweet taste of bananas is something everyone will love.  We like to serve it with vanilla wafers.
Sugar, Gelatin, Banana Flavor, Vegetable Juice powder for color. $5.00

Pina Colada Sweet Treat

Description: The perfect blend of coconut and pineapple make this a very popular dip.  We love to serve it with strawberries- it tastes like summer.
Sugar, Gelatin,  Pina Colada Flavor. $5.00

Raspberry Sweet Treat

Description: The taste of raspberries will burst on your tongue and make you the hit of any party.  It is great as a filling for a chocolate or angel food cake.
Sugar, Gelatin, Raspberry Flavor, Vegetable Juice powder for color, Citric Acid. $5.00

Chocolate Sweet Treat

Description: This outstanding dip taste like chocolate mousse, so smooth and delicious.  Serve it with fruit or eat it with a spoon!         
Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Gelatin, Dextrose, Vanillin. $5.00

Pumpkin Pie Sweet Treat

Description:  This dip taste like homemade pumpkin pie!  We love it with apple slices or ginger snap cookies.  Perfect for any time of the year.  
Sugar, spices. $5.00

Blueberry Sweet Treat

Description: A light, fresh and delicious dessert dip.  We love it as a bagel spread.
Sugar, Gelatin, Blueberry Flavor, Vegetable Juice powder. $5.00

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