Your Partners in Fulfilling Your Organization’s Cause

Your Partners in Fulfilling Your Organization’s Cause

Dip’n Good Dips offers profitable fundraising opportunities for your organization. We can help fundraisers generate more revenue by selling our dip mixes.


Earn for Your Cause

Our fundraisers are easy and profitable. You sell our products for $5.00 per packet. Your cost is $2.50 per packet. That is a 100 % return of profit, minus the shipping charge. We do not have a minimum order.

We can handle the smallest to the largest of fundraisers. Here are just a few of our successful fundraisers:

  • Karen, a director at a child care facility and her team raised $1,460 for their programs.
  • Stephanie, a PTO parent, has a child whose class raised $1,325
  • Julie, a PTO parent, has a child whose class raised $1,390
  • Melanie raised $325 for her cheer team.
  • Emily's volleyball team raised $2,499 for their team.

Remarkably Good Dips

Our products are all natural—no MSG and preservatives and are gluten-free. We also use sea salt in making our mixes. It is convenient, easy to handle, lightweight, and there’s no melting, thawing, or freezing involved.


Selling Materials

We can provide order forms that list all the products for sale along with space for the customers’ names. We can mail or email the forms to you.

Can Anyone Fundraise?

Anyone who is looking to make money for a cause can fundraise. We do fundraisers with small and large organizations as well as individuals looking to raise money for a school sponsored trip or a cause. We fundraise with businesses and individuals throughout the US and Canada.


Length of Fundraiser

There is no limit to the length of time that you run the fundraiser. Although, most organizations get the best results when limited to a two to three-week time frame. You can run the fundraiser as many times as you would like.

Shipping Time and Rate

We have a two-week turnaround on fundraisers. We charge $25 shipping and then cover the rest of the shipping fees.

Get in Touch

Contact our team today, and let us help you fund your organization’s cause.